Artist’s Statement

Art helps us remember what we have forgotten, who and what we are and why we are here. Thus my work integrates stories, myths and dreams as I explore relationships and spirituality. Originally the northern landscape, which for me represents both wilderness and wildness strongly influenced my work and was reflected in much of the imagery I produced. Now my art expresses the inner landscape, the passages from birth to old age and looks at the underside of experiences. This has led me to explore a more symbolic expression of subject.

A quote from Dante’s The Divine Comedy, “Mid-way in life’s journey, I found myself in a dark wood having lost my way,” is present in some of the images as theme and in others a whimsical air is expressed. My art reflects the ragged edge of aging, the shift from traditional roles to the reach for the independent self, and now seeks to explore unity consciousness. The restlessness of the human condition is also part of my work and I find inspiration in stories and myths because they sometimes tell us who we are and how we can emerge as more conscious individuals. Much of my work is large and life size and invites you to enter the mystical, magical world of the imagination and there discover your intrinsic worth and the mystery of the Other.

The restlessness of the human spirit threatens to overwhelm and art can silence the demons and bring us to an experience of transformation and transcendence. My personal experience of the ongoing process of healing is present in my images. I hope my art draws you to look deeper and higher. Art is my path forward.